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The Decantus Wine Aerator - Move Over Vinturi!

Decantus Wine Aerator - Better Look Out Vinturi!

Decantus Wine Aerator
Decantus Wine Aerator 
Looks and Performance!
Stylish - Classy
Performance with Style
Brilliantly Designed

The Perfect Gift for the discerning wine lover.

Decantus Wine Aerator
The Decantus wine aerator is proving that style does matter.  It was the Vinturi wine aerator that brought wine aeration to the forefront for many wine lovers, new and old, but the marketplace is letting Vinturi know that style and performance is still a personal choice. Sales of the Decantus wine aerators are soaring, and the Decantus company explains why.

"Wine lovers want the best from their wine of course, but they also want to enjoy the cachet of the experience, and the Decantus wine aerator gives them that. Superior wine aeration with a classic styling associated with fine crystal wine glasses and decanters." (*Here is the Decantus co. promo details)

Almost every product makes superior performance claims, but Decantus has gone one better by designing ease-of-use with their classic styling, in an aerator that includes 21st century science to achieve noticeable performance benefits.

In simple terms, a wine aerator adds air to wine, (remember the adage: "wine needs to breathe"), as it pours through the aerator, instantly enhancing the flavor. (*See a more detailed explanation of wine aeration benefits)

The Decantus aerator adds two innovations that they say other wine aerators lack. The first is what they call a "planar insert" that prevents the wine from forming a whirlpool effect as it pours through the aerator. This accomplishes two tasks, because it eliminates the whirlpooling, the wine flows through faster, and it is less frothy, giving a more clear pour while still attaining the maximum aeration desired.

Secondly, they have added extra long slanted capillary tubes that give you the desired aeration without any drips. This no-drips thing is more important than it sounds, as any wine lover that has stained table clothes, (wine drips from glass to aerator stand), will tell you.

But in reality, the real reason to choose a Decantus wine aerator over a Vinturi or Vino2 is going to be style. All three of the top wine aerators perform well. You would need a highly calibrated scientific instrument to measure any difference in performance. Even the most dedicated Oenophile will be hard put to tell the difference in a blind tasting.

So it comes down to style and personal choice. And the Decantus has plenty of style. And it is a style that also incorporates ease-of-use. The crystal clear loop handles on each side make using the Decantus an exhibition of easy dignity. No fumbling, no balancing acts, and no clumsy "baseball grips" over the glass. The visual presentation of the Decantus aerator evokes images of fine wine decanters and crystal wineware. The importance of proper preparation and presentation are not to be ignored if you want to enjoy the total wine experience. If you just want some wine, grab one of those little screw-cap bottles and chug-a-lug it on the way to the TV, but if you want to enjoy a good glass of wine in the setting it deserves, then you need a few wine accessories to help you out. The Decantus wine aerator is definitely one wine accessory you should consider! There is even an available table stand that makes aeration a hands-free operation.

(ps. here is a side-by-side comparison of the other two wine aerator market leaders - The Vinturi and the Vino2)

Where to buy The Decantus Wine Aerator
Searching the web to find the best prices for this aerator turned up hundreds of web sites selling it, but the best selections and prices ended up being on Amazon, the Nets'  largest marketplace, and besides the security and dependability of shopping on Amazon, (they have the fastest shipping of all the sites checked), almost all Decantus aerator listings included Free shipping!

Decantus Wine Aerator Box

Striving to ensure you have the best shopping experience possible, even though you have multiple shops competing for your sale, Amazon's centralized fulfillment centers guarantee you get exactly what you paid for shipped as quickly as possible. They guarantee it, or your money back!

Plus their super-secure encrypted payment system ensures no one ever gets access to your credit card information.
See the Decantus wine aerator on Amazon now!

And just for comparison, here are links to the Vinturi and Vino2 wine aerators on Amazon:

Vino2 has a buyer satisfaction rating that every marketplace on the web tries to match. Amazon prices are consistently lower than any you will find elsewhere. Almost every wine aerator listed on Amazon now also qualifies for Free shipping.

Vinturi Wine Aerator

One of the best places on the web for all things wine is, and their selection of Vinturi wine aerators is as complete as the Vinturi company site, but with much better prices! You can even check them out for wine glasses to match your crystal decanter.
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