Monday, August 2, 2010

The Decantus Wine Aerator - Move Over Vinturi!

Decantus Wine Aerator - Better Look Out Vinturi!

Decantus Wine Aerator
Decantus Wine Aerator 
Looks and Performance!
Stylish - Classy
Performance with Style
Brilliantly Designed

The Perfect Gift for the discerning wine lover.

Decantus Wine Aerator
The Decantus wine aerator is proving that style does matter.  It was the Vinturi wine aerator that brought wine aeration to the forefront for many wine lovers, new and old, but the marketplace is letting Vinturi know that style and performance is still a personal choice. Sales of the Decantus wine aerators are soaring, and the Decantus company explains why.

"Wine lovers want the best from their wine of course, but they also want to enjoy the cachet of the experience, and the Decantus wine aerator gives them that. Superior wine aeration with a classic styling associated with fine crystal wine glasses and decanters." (*Here is the Decantus co. promo details)

Almost every product makes superior performance claims, but Decantus has gone one better by designing ease-of-use with their classic styling, in an aerator that includes 21st century science to achieve noticeable performance benefits.

In simple terms, a wine aerator adds air to wine, (remember the adage: "wine needs to breathe"), as it pours through the aerator, instantly enhancing the flavor. (*See a more detailed explanation of wine aeration benefits)

The Decantus aerator adds two innovations that they say other wine aerators lack. The first is what they call a "planar insert" that prevents the wine from forming a whirlpool effect as it pours through the aerator. This accomplishes two tasks, because it eliminates the whirlpooling, the wine flows through faster, and it is less frothy, giving a more clear pour while still attaining the maximum aeration desired.

Secondly, they have added extra long slanted capillary tubes that give you the desired aeration without any drips. This no-drips thing is more important than it sounds, as any wine lover that has stained table clothes, (wine drips from glass to aerator stand), will tell you.

But in reality, the real reason to choose a Decantus wine aerator over a Vinturi or Vino2 is going to be style. All three of the top wine aerators perform well. You would need a highly calibrated scientific instrument to measure any difference in performance. Even the most dedicated Oenophile will be hard put to tell the difference in a blind tasting.

So it comes down to style and personal choice. And the Decantus has plenty of style. And it is a style that also incorporates ease-of-use. The crystal clear loop handles on each side make using the Decantus an exhibition of easy dignity. No fumbling, no balancing acts, and no clumsy "baseball grips" over the glass. The visual presentation of the Decantus aerator evokes images of fine wine decanters and crystal wineware. The importance of proper preparation and presentation are not to be ignored if you want to enjoy the total wine experience. If you just want some wine, grab one of those little screw-cap bottles and chug-a-lug it on the way to the TV, but if you want to enjoy a good glass of wine in the setting it deserves, then you need a few wine accessories to help you out. The Decantus wine aerator is definitely one wine accessory you should consider! There is even an available table stand that makes aeration a hands-free operation.

(ps. here is a side-by-side comparison of the other two wine aerator market leaders - The Vinturi and the Vino2)

Where to buy The Decantus Wine Aerator
Searching the web to find the best prices for this aerator turned up hundreds of web sites selling it, but the best selections and prices ended up being on Amazon, the Nets'  largest marketplace, and besides the security and dependability of shopping on Amazon, (they have the fastest shipping of all the sites checked), almost all Decantus aerator listings included Free shipping!

Decantus Wine Aerator Box

Striving to ensure you have the best shopping experience possible, even though you have multiple shops competing for your sale, Amazon's centralized fulfillment centers guarantee you get exactly what you paid for shipped as quickly as possible. They guarantee it, or your money back!

Plus their super-secure encrypted payment system ensures no one ever gets access to your credit card information.
See the Decantus wine aerator on Amazon now!

And just for comparison, here are links to the Vinturi and Vino2 wine aerators on Amazon:

Vino2 has a buyer satisfaction rating that every marketplace on the web tries to match. Amazon prices are consistently lower than any you will find elsewhere. Almost every wine aerator listed on Amazon now also qualifies for Free shipping.

Vinturi Wine Aerator

One of the best places on the web for all things wine is, and their selection of Vinturi wine aerators is as complete as the Vinturi company site, but with much better prices! You can even check them out for wine glasses to match your crystal decanter.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Riedel Decanter | Crystal Amadeo Lyra Wine Decanter

The Riedel Amadeo Lyra Wine Decanter

What does it say to you?
Stylish - Classy
Beautiful - Gorgeous
Brilliantly Spirited

The Perfect Gift for that special wine lover you know.

This crystal wine decanter by Riedel was designed to honor the company's 250th anniversary in 2007. Named in honor of Mozart, and just like a Mozart piece come to life, the Amadeo decanter is a lasting work of art. Designed with perfect pitch, the Riedel Amadeo decanter is hand-blown in 24% leaded crystal, and shaped like a lyre.  

Because these decanters are hand-blown, each is a one-of-a-kind unique piece.
The Amadeo Decanter feels perfectly balanced in the hand, and makes a wonderful accent to any table or wine bar. To decant wine with this design, wine is poured into the wider opening and decants into the glass through the narrow opening.

This is definitely not  your everyday wine decanter. This masterpiece was designed for the unique personality that knows what they want, and average is not it!

 Where to buy The Riedel Amadeo Decanter   
Searching the web to find the best prices for this $395 list price decanter revealed thousands of web sites selling it, but the best selections and prices ended up being on the Nets' two largest marketplaces - Amazon and ebay. Another close competitor was The Wine Enthusiast website.

** when you check out any of the links below, you can return here just by using your browsers back-arrow.

Striving to ensure you have the best shopping experience possible, ebay has two programs that allow you to shop with the same confidence you would have at your local wine shop. Just a lot less expensively! Their "Buyer's Protection" program guarantees that your purchase is just what you expect it to be, and their "Top-Rated sellers" program makes sure you are dealing with sellers that have consistently met and exceeded their buyer's expectations time after time.

**Some ebay listings may be one-time deals, so if you see a bargain you like, - make a decision, don't let someone else snatch it away from you. has a buyer satisfaction rating that every marketplace on the web tries to match. And except for the special one-time deals you can find on ebay, Amazon prices are consistently lower than any you will find elsewhere. Almost every Amadeo decanter listed on Amazon now also qualifies for Free shipping.
 Remember - just use your back-arrow to return here.

One of the best places on the web for all things wine is The Wine Enthusiast, (, and their selection of Riedel wine decanters is as complete as the Riedel company site, but with much better prices!

You can even check them out for wine glasses to match your Amadeo decanter.

The Wine Enthusiast Riedel Decanter Collection 

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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Decanting Wine into True Wine Decanters

It is a good question.
 What is a true wine decanter and why decant wine into one?

WMF Captain's Wine Decanter
The easiest answer is a true wine decanter has a large body that allows a large wine surface area to be exposed to air. And the second part is because it will improve the wine, but just as important is that it enhances the experience of wine drinking.

If you just want to consume wine, twist a cap and drink from the bottle, but if you want to enjoy your wine, then there is a lot more to the experience than just swallowing.

A true wine decanter, like a Reidel wine decanter has a large body which allows for a large wine surface area to interact with the air. (see more technical aeration details), A wine carafe is a wine server, not a true wine decanter, the surface contact area is too small. 

Except and but.... yes there is always a but, - very old, and well-aged vintages of reds don't need as much aeration as young reds, The aging process has already allowed the flavor to build, and a lot of aeration could actually hurt the flavor. So in those cases, the purpose of decanting is more to let the sediment settle out than it is to aerate the wine. In these cases, a wine carafe or smaller bodied wine decanter would be fine. A true wine decanter still works great for older reds, just don't let the wine sit as long as you would a young red.

Properly decanting wine into a true wine decanter is about more than just utility, it's about preparation, anticipation, and presentation. And that is where a true wine decanter defines the host. Like picking a tie or dress for a special occasion, your choice of wine decanters will depend on your personal style and the occasion.

Imagine pouring your wine from a WMF Captain's wine decanter like the one above. It is about the presentation, like the wine you picked and the glasses you chose, all matched to the occasion and the vintage. 

WMF Captain's Wine Decanter
Here are some examples of true wine decanters and the great prices you can get on

The unique Captain's wine decanter has an angular neck that gives a classic wine decanter design a contemporary finesse. Could this be the decanter for you? Just click the photo on the right to see the discounted prices available. (most selections qualify for FREE shipping)

Or click here to see all WMF Wine Decanter styles

You can match your decanter to your life-style - modern and flamboyant, or match it to the vintage, like a cut-crystal wine decanter for that bottle your grandfather put-up. It is all up to your and your preferences.

riedel sommeliers black-tie Wine Decanter
 If you are looking for the ultimate wine decanter statement, you may want to consider one of the designs from the Riedel Sommeliers Black Tie wine decanter line, like the one pictured on the left.

This stunning example of the exceptional form and luminosity of mouth-blown glass, Riedel’s Sommeliers Black Tie wine decanter could as easily end up on a display shelf as the dining room table or bar counter. The simple yet evocative shape recalls a classic brass instrument (thinking Strauss and his French horn concertos yet?) with a single flawless loop of clear 24-percent lead crystal curving from the high open tail to the narrow arching pour-spout. A slender black tuxedo stripe traces the decanter’s outside edge, offering a cleanly streamlined and sophisticated finish to the sparkling silhouette. (click photo to view choices)

It is almost blasphemy to use the word discount in the same sentence with Riedel Sommeliers Black Tie Decanters,  because if you are considering a Reidel, then you are the unique personality that knows what you want, and price is secondary. Or at least it better be because a Reidel Wine decanter has a price to match its style.

Of course not all Reidel wine decanters are as pricey as the Sommeliers Black Tie designs. There are plenty of excellent, more traditional Riedel wine decanters that won't tear a hole in your wallet, like the Riedel Cabernet or "O" wine decanters. (as pictured on the right) 

This line of decanters is made in Austria by the world's most-renowned wineglass maker (Riedel Crystal, founded in 1756), this decanter allows sediment to settle, clarifying any older red wine. Even with a young, sediment-free wine, the decanter makes a beautiful serving vessel by displaying the wine's color. It's machine blown of brilliant 24 percent lead crystal and conforms to Riedel's exacting standards: colorless, transparent, and thin-walled. (and qualifies for free shipping too)

Riedel has several more designs that are world famous, both for their unique styles, and the cachet' of the Reidel name.

One of their especially well-know designs is the Reidel Duck Wine Decanters. (pictured on left, just click photo to see full line)

This spectacular decanter inspired by the shape of a duck contributes a breathtaking elegance to a dinner table. Also of the line of decanters made in Austria by the world's most renowned wine-glass maker (Riedel Crystal, founded in 1756), this strikingly graceful decanter is blown from 24 percent lead crystal.

Riedel crystal is used in fine restaurants all over the world and thus must stand up to constant use and still maintain its superior appearance and function. Reidel is the symbol of stylish quality.

You can use this link to see ALL Riedel Crystal Wine Decanters avaiable now. 

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Monday, February 22, 2010

Wine Aerator - Vinturi Essential vs. Vino2 Review

Vinturi Essential Wine Aerator vs. Vino2 Wine aerator

Vino2 wine aeratorVinturi essential wine aerator Pour-Through wine aerators are the latest development in wine accessories, and these two models are the market leaders, but is one really better?

Short answer - No, well maybe, but as you will see, the answer is really a personal choice.

The Pour-through wine aerator concept:

Both models use the same basic concept - pour wine into a large chamber and send it through a smaller channel to exit the aerator. The wine flow speeds up as it is forced through the smaller channel, creating a suction which pulls the wine from the top chamber. An air channel from the outside of the aerator to the smaller inner wine channel allows this suction to also pull in additional air, and mix it with the flowing wine. That's the pour-through aeration concept. Simple. (want more wine aeration details)

The Real Comparison:

As with all things, "the devil is in the details", and relative to superior function, this is where these two models of wine aerators lay their claims.

As the wine exits the aerator, the design of the smaller inner channel can create a secondary turbulence that helps the air molecules mix better with the wine molecules. And of course, each claims to have the better channel design.

If the difference is such that it takes a highly calibrated scientific instrument to evaluate the minute air-to-wine molecule ratio variances, I would challenge any Oenophile to a "blind" taste test.

I have tried both aerators, (using the same wine of course), and could not see a difference. But then again, I'm not a scientific instrument. Are you?

For even the most discerning wine lover, the real choice is between two factors - sight and sound. Regarding sight it is the more modern shape and design of the Vinturi versus the more classic sculpture design of the Vino2. It will be a personal choice as to which you, or the intended recipient, prefer.

And the sound part? While you can hear the sound of the air being sucked into the air channel as you pour wine through both models, it is so pronounced, and a little loud, with the Vinturi Essential wine aerator that they actually promote it as a distinction. The sound from the Vino2, as you pour, is much softer and more of a whisper. I think both sounds compliment their respective design style. As mentioned, once again it is a personal choice.

Price Comparison:
Prices vary with retailers online and offline, but generally a single Venturi Essential will be $25 - $35, and the Vino2 around $21 - $25. Amazon usually has the lowest prices, and sometimes great bargains for these wine aerators can be found on ebay. In all cases, look for free shipping, you should be able to stay close to those price ranges without paying high shipping costs.

The Vinturi Wine Aerators:

Vinturi red wine white wine aerator
From single red or white wine aerators, to double, triple, or even 4-packs of wine aerators, and gift sets, there are a lot of options available for the Vinturi models.

Here is the company promo description:

"As wine breathes, it releases its intended aromas and flavors. Unlike time-consuming decanters, Vinturi’s simple gadget makes the aerating process easy and convenient.

Vinturi's patent pending design speeds up this process by instantly aerating with ease and convenience. The perfect aeration in the time it takes to pour a glass of wine. Simply hold it over a glass and pour the wine through, mixing the proper amount of air in the right amount of time. The result is a better bouquet, richer flavor, and smoother finish.

Vinturi’s acrylic aerator stands six inches tall and two inches wide, is dishwasher-safe, and comes with a no-drip stand and travel pouch. During manufacturing, the material folds around rods and wraps back resulting in two slightly visible fold lines. These lines extend up from each air hole and are normal."

Vinturi also says you need a wine aerator just for white wines too. And of course they make one.

These are reviews by Amazon customers:
(majority - 5-Star Rating)
Vinturi Wine Aerator reviews

*You can click on the image above to read all reviews.

Vinturi Wine Aerator
This link will show the Venturi Wine Aerators available on
Vinturi Red and White Wine Aerators on Amazon

Vinturi Wine Aerator
This link is for Vinturi Wine Aerators on ebay now. It will show you the aerators you can "Buy-Now" without waiting, but you can also click the "Auctions" tab at the top to see available auction listings too.
Vinturi Wine Aerators on ebay

The Vino2 Wine Aerator

Vino2 wine aerator

The Vino2 aerator produces nicely aerated wine flow and performs exactly as you would expect, and to say anything else about this wine aerator performance would just be adding fluff.

What sets it apart from the vinturi is its classic deign. It just seems to look more "appropriate" as you use it, especially if you are pouring into a glass in front of your guests.

Here is the Vino2 company promo:

"Vin02 wine aerator incorporates art and style to the wine we drink. We all need air to breathe and so does our red wine!

Our Award winning formula gives each and every glass of wine enhanced flavors, and superior bouquets. Designer Master Zen Lhu has crafted a wine aerator that is truly a work of art. Master Zen’s dream is ” as the sun is to the earth, the rain is to the valley, the soil is to the vine, our wine aerator will be to your next glass of wine”

Simply pour your next glass of wine through the vin02 wine aerator and hear the air fortifying your wine in seconds. This instant decanting process enables the art of wine making in each and every glass. It is a well known fact that red wine needs breathe thus opening up, releasing the aromas and creating a smoother finish. “Let me breathe life into your next glass of wine” - Master Zen Lhu"
Hot Features

  • The vinO2 allows wine to display its intended aromas. Enhanced flavors go ahead, take a sip. Vino2 wine tastes better. It is more flavorful and has better mouthful. It tastes like a richer, more expensive wine. It tastes like it was intended to and is more enjoyable.
  • Mixes just the right amount of air with your wine at the precise moments
  • Award winning design, thus not looking like the ordinary wine aerators on the market ( No Fold Lines and Design Flaws Like Others on the Market )
  • Results in a better bouquet, enhanced flavor, and a smoother finish
  • Vino2 wine aeration is very effective at softening tannins which results in a much more pleasant finish. Any bitterness or bad aftertaste is reduced or eliminated

These are reviews by Amazon customers:
(majority - Full 5-Star Rating)

Vinturi red wine aerator

*You can click on the image above to read all reviews.

Vino2 Wine Aeratorsr

This link will show the Vino2 Wine Aerators available on
Vino2 Wine Aerators on Amazon

Vino2 Wine Aerator

This link is for Vino2 Wine Aerators on ebay now. It will show you the aerators you can "Buy-Now" without waiting, but you can also click the "Auctions" tab at the top to see available auction listings too.
Vino2 Wine Aerators on ebay

The Wine Aerator battle winner is ...You!

As shown by the majority of actual customer reviews, (beware - there may be some "biased" reviews included). both the Vinturi Essential wine aerator, and the Vino2 wine aerator perform as claimed. Aerating wine with either of these does improve a wine's flavor and fragrance!

There is a slight difference in the prices, but not so much that they will likely be the deciding factor.

Your choice of which wine aerator to buy, (and you should have one), will probably be the design style that appeals most to you, or the gift recipient.

Even if you traditionally decant wine into wine decanters, there will be times when a wine aerator like the Vinturi or Vino2 will be just what is needed.

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Wine Aerator - What is Wine Aeration - Which Method is Best

Special - Vinturi Wine Aerators 7 pc. Gift Set
current price - $47.99 (47% off)

Vinturi Wine Aerators 7 pc. Gift Set

Vinturi Wine Aerators 7 pc. Gift Set

From Vinturi, this Deluxe Aerator Set includes a red wine aerator, 2-piece (base and arm) tower, no-splash grate, sediment filter, no-drip stand, and travel pouch.

The curved acrylic tower floats the aerator, secures the wine glass, and features a no-splash grate. A sediment filter makes every pour a perfect one. When not in use, simply set the aerator in its no-drip stand. The Vinturi set, with its streamlined, vertical design, looks elegant on any table.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Wine Aerator - What is Wine Aeration - Which Method is Best

Wine Decanters and a Wine Funnel or a Vinturi-type Wine Aerator

pouring wine into glass

What does a wine aerator do? Do you need to aerate wine? Why? Do you just aerate red wine, or should you aerate white wine too? What is the best way to aerate wine, should you use wine decanters and a wine funnel, or one of the new pour-flow wine airators like the Vinturi or Vino2 aerators? And what about wine carafes, can they be used for aerating wine?

With the growing popularity of wine aerators, you may have some of these questions yourself. Most wine lovers have heard the expression, "you should let wine breathe," but an understanding of what this really means will help will help you better understand the process of aerating wine.

Why aerate wine, (let wine breathe)?

Aerating wine simply means to mix air with the wine. Traditionally this was done with wine decanters and a wine funnel. When you aerate wine, there are two immediate effects;

1) the wine molecules are stimulated by the movement and the wine warms up slightly,
2) air molecules mix with the wine molecules.

Both effects allow the molecules to expand, releasing more of the wines fragrance, also the air molecules will bind with some of the wine molecules, which will soften the flavor of the wine. Especially wines with high tannin levels like a Cabernet Sauvignon, Port, or Bordeaux. Aerating red wine also gets rid something you may have heard referred to as "bottle stink", this is the smell caused by the release of the air trapped in the bottle when it was first corked at the vintners.

Technically speaking ...
Allowing air molecules to bind with tannin, (an astringent polyphenol molecule that gives the wine a "dryness" or "pucker" effect), and sulfite, (used to stop fermentation of, and to preserve, the wine), molecules in the wine appears to soften the harshness of flavor they cause. Aerating wine is also thought to soften the effects of mercaptans, (molecules of the Alcohol group, also known as wine faults), in the wine.

Types of wine aerators and wine aeration

Pour-through Vinturi wine aerators: vino2 wine aeratorPour-through wine aerators like the Vinturi Essential or Vino2 models use something known as the Bernoulli principle to produce a much more vigorous mixing affect. This means that as the wine flows from the larger top "bowl", (the chamber you are pouring the wine into), of the aerator, into the more narrow channel of the aerator, the velocity of the wine increases. This causes a suction-effect. There is a small air-hole channel in the wine aerator that allows this suction to pull in air and mix it with the wine as it is speeding through the narrow channel. As the wine exits the bottom of the wine aerator it is now a more turbulent type of flow that also allows for further aeration. This combined process is the quickest way to aerate wine, and allows you to pour directly into a wine glass or wine carafes.
Here is a comparison review of the two most popular pour-through wine aerators.

Wine Funnels: Wine funnels mostly just servewine aerator funnel the purpose of any funnel, but with a couple other aspects. Wine funnels do perform
some wine aeration very similar to what the Vinturi pour-through wine aerators do, but not quite as vigorously because there is no air-channel for more air introduction. Many wine funnels also have removable sediment screens to use when pouring heavy red wines into wine decanters. Even though their function is basic, there is nothing basic about their design. Wine aerator style has always been a personal choice. You can see wine funnel choices with anything from basic tin functionality, to antique pewter wine funnel craftsmanship.

Wine Decanters - Decanting wine for aeration:
Before the introduction of pour-through wine aerators, decanting wine into true wine decanters was the way most people aerated wine. A true wine decanter is a vessel that has a large "bulbous" body that allows a large wine surface area to be in contact with the air. Wine carafes are not true wine decanters because they don't allow for the large wine to air surface area to allow proper wine aeration. Wine carafes are wine servers. You can take a look at these wine decanters to see what is meant by large wine surface exposure.

Wine aerating varies with the type of wine.

Choosing how long to aerate wine, and which type of wine aerator or method to use depends on the wine. Some generally accepted guidelines will help you decide, but you still need to consider the characteristics of each individual vintage to determine the proper wine aeration process to use.

1) the younger the wine, the more it will benefit from aeration. This is especially true for red wines, but there are many white wines that will also benefit from aeration, the more "body" a wine has the more it will be helped by aeration. If you use wine decanters and a wine funnel for these red wines, you should decant the wine as much as 1 to 2 hours before drinking. For white wines, decanting for about 15 - 30 minutes should be enough.

2) older reds, (5 - 8 yrs. and older), need special aeration considerations. Many wine experts agree that the fragrance and flavor of older vintages of red wines is much more fragile than that of young wines. When decanting these wines, only a few minutes aeration is recommended, longer aeration tends to lead to deterioration of flavor and fragrance instead of helping it. Whether or not to use a pour-through wine aerator for older vintages is a toss-up question with many wine experts on each side of the answer. Which means it will be a personal choice when deciding how to aerate wine in this category.

3) full-bodied reds benefit from aeration of either method, but a lot of these type wines also have sediment and would be better served by using a wine funnel with a sediment filter to decant the wine into wine decanters that will let the sediment fall before pouring. Pour-through wine aerators will aerate these wines, but they won't filter the sediment.

4) Sparkling wines like champagne should not be aerated.

Wine aerators as gifts:

This is truly the case of "the best of both worlds." Wine aerators are wine accessories that every wine lover wants, and that makes them great gifts! It is not an either-or situation. When it comes to classy wine tools, can you every have too many? And who says that one way of aerating wine is all you will need? Will you always be drinking one type of wine?

A Vinturi wine aerator may be the latest in wine technology, and a desirable addition to your collection of wine accessories, but that doesn't mean you will never be decanting wine again! Even with the new wine aerators, aerating wine is still a part of the process that varies from wine to wine. One size does not fit all. Using a classic pewter wine funnel to decant that special vintage into Reidel or Douglas wine decanters can be as enjoyable a part of the wine drinking experience as the actual drinking.

You might also be interested in this head-to-head review of the two pour-through wine aerator market leaders, the Vinturi Essential, and the Vino2 wine aerators. It contains actual customer reviews as well as company promos and resource links.

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